Category: Dual energy CT and research of the bone marrow edema: Comparison with MRI imaging.

Opportunities and Challenges in Functional Genomics Research in Osteoporosis: Report From a Workshop Held by the Causes Working Group of the Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy of the Royal Osteoporosis Society on October 5th 2020

The discovery that sclerostin is the faulty protein underlying the uncommon heritable bone mass dysfunction, sclerosteosis, in the end led to growth of anti-sclerostin antibodies as a new therapy for…

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American Society for Bone and Mineral Research-Orthopaedic Research Society Joint Task Force Report on Cell-Based Therapies – Secondary Publication.

Cell-based therapies, outlined right here because the supply of cells in vivo to deal with illness, have just lately gained rising public consideration as a probably promising method to revive…

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Bayesian methods in palliative care research: cancer-induced bone pain.

To present how a easy Bayesian evaluation methodology can be utilized to enhance the proof base in affected person populations the place recruitment and retention are difficult.A Bayesian conjugate evaluation…

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Evaluation of hematology, general serum biochemistry, bone turnover markers and bone marrow cytology in a glucocorticoid treated ovariectomized sheep model for osteoporosis research

Osteoporosis is a metabolic dysfunction characterised by a loss of bone mass and construction and rising the chance of fragility fractures, principally amongst postmenopausal girls. Sheep is a acknowledged massive…

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